How To Ensure Your House Walls Retain that Shiny Look after the Painting


To ensure shining and bright house walls, get the right quality of wall paint matters. Moreover, ensure that experienced and well trained house painters take the job. Even much more important, it is advisable that you learn the different tricks for ensuring that the house walls remain bright and shiny. In this post, we are going to look at some of the important tips for caring for painted walls. Through these tips you will ensure your house walls retain that shiny look after the painting. Here is how to ensure the best looking house paints.

Keep your house walls free of dust and remove those sticky spots

To maintain a freshly painted look on your house walls, ensure you dust the walls regularly. Use a soft brush to remove dust and wipe the walls using a cloth covered broom. You can use a clean mop or make use of the electrostatic dusting wipe. Ensure the fingertip marks are wiped away after cleaning the walls. Moreover, when dusting the painted walls, avoid using excessive amount of water.

Know how to clean different pant finishes

When cleaning painted walls, the first thing to think of is the paint finishes. Whether a glossy wall or a flat wall, it is imperative that you determine how scrubbing will affect the look of your walls.

For the flat, satin, and eggshell finishes, avoid the use of harsh chemicals. In addition, do not use the degreasers when cleaning these types of walls. Moreover avoid scrubbing too hard and ensure the sponge is wrung out almost completely before putting to the walls.

Semi gloss and glossy walls are highly durable. Therefore, these are used in high traffic areas including the bathroom and the kitchen. It is okay using mild degreaser on the glossy kitchen backslashes or the vanity doors.

Remember different stains require different treatments

When dealing with walls, you will encounter oil and water borne stains. Using a wet cloth will take off the waterborne stains. For oily stains like cooking grease, crayon, shoe polish etc, you need to escalate and use mild dish washing soaps.

Learn how to prevent dents from chairs and house furniture

Do not expose your newly painted walls to scratches. Well, this might be tricky so long as you have furniture in your house. However, putting a clear or light colored rubber bumpers on the edges of your furniture will prevent scratches on the walls. If there are scars on your walls already, do some touch-ups with paint. Contact a qualified house painter for the best results.

Therefore, when it comes to caring for house walls, it is a mix of creativity and ensuring use of right approach when cleaning walls. For professional wall painting, talk to Scott Ellis Painting. We provide professional services at an affordable cost. Click here to request for an estimate for either of the services we offer.

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