Cabinet Painting

Painted cabinets are a great way to give your kitchen or other spaces a fresh look and increase your home’s value.

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Spruce Up Your Cabinets

Cabinet replacement is a very expensive option! Painting them is a much more affordable option if you like your cabinets but just want them to be more up to date.

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Should I Repaint My Cabinets?

Not all cabinets are candidates for repainting. Here are some things to consider before painting your cabinets:

Not all cabinets are of the same quality and/or the years have just not been kind to the finish. Most cabinet doors are made of softer woods or even particle material and can really deteriorate with the years of wear and tear. However, if you have higher quality construction in your cabinets why not refresh them?

It’s important to check the type of material your cabinets are made of. Some cabinets are stained and made to look rustic. These will often have lots of natural wood characteristics like knots and cracks that can look nice in a stained finish but not so nice once painted. Look over your cabinets and even use your hand to feel the finish. Is it too rough? Some of this can be sanded out but not if it is too aggressive. On the other hand, if your wood is smooth and in great shape then let’s get to painting!

Check the doors closely. Not all of your cabinets will wear down evenly. Especially, check the doors underneath the sink. These will often have water damage and will need to be replaced.

Since we will only be painting the outside of your cabinets, it’s a good idea to make sure you are happy with the inside. One exception is the doors. We paint both sides of those.

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Our Cabinet Painting Process

Prior to our arrival, we will need you to remove all your countertop items and clean any heavy grease areas. Once we arrive, we will inspect to make sure everything is ready for primer.

Since we will be painting all the base and wall cabinets in place, we will tape and plastic off all areas as necessary to prevent any paint from going where we do not want it.

All surfaces to be painted with our premier cabinet paint will be first primed with a high bond primer to ensure that we get a durable finish in the final coat.

Our cabinet jobs will typically be completed in two visits. On day one we will remove all hardware, doors and drawers. These will be transported offsite to be painted in a controlled environment. Special attention is given to door and drawer facings since these are the surfaces that are most often touched by hands and must have a high resistance to hand oils.

Additionally, we will paint all the in-place wall cabinets and base cabinets on day one. On day two, we will reinstall all of the doors and drawers and do any required touch up work.

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Work With Our Dedicated Team

Customer satisfaction and top-quality services are our primary focus at Scott Ellis Painting, which is why our team goes above and beyond to achieve clear project deliverables in line with your vision and ongoing communication every step of the way.

1 – Set Up Appointment

The first step in starting any project is to contact us for a free estimate and schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives to review your project needs and goals.

2 – Review Tailored Project Presentation

Next our team will present to you a personally-tailored project presentation detailing our planned work for you to provide feedback and approval before we get started.

3 – On-Site Painters & Project Manager

We go above and beyond just having skilled painters on the job and have a lead project manager visit the site to ensure client happiness and project timeliness.

4 – Final Project Walkthrough

Once our team has completed our work, the project manager will take you on a final walkthrough so you can review the completed work before final payment.

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