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Why Paint Color Matters

The atmosphere of your home is heavily influenced by the color of the walls. That is why many homeowners look to Scott Ellis Painting to make sure they get the look they want. Turning your home from an old tired look into an alive, vibrant and fresh living space is our business!

Wall preparation before the first stroke of a brush, we work to ensure the walls are properly prepared to be painted.

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Quality Materials

Scott Ellis Painting’s interior painting service uses only the highest quality award winning Sherwin Williams paint (unless the customer prefers otherwise) to ensure a quality finish every time. Our preferred interior paint from Sherwin Williams is the Cashmere line of paints. We apply two coats that are normally rolled and brushed leaving fresh crisp lines and a nice even coat.

Touch Ups

While we strive for excellence on every job, we don’t always get it right. Therefore, we take the time to go over each job after it is done and then again with the customer. No job is complete without customer satisfaction.

About Us

Our Wall Painting Process

The first step is to repair any damage. We will search over every square inch of your walls and fill in nail holes, skim over dings and dents and picture hanging holes. Sometimes customers will want to rehang pictures in the same location after we paint. In that case, we ask the customer to indicate to us which nails or picture hooks those are by simply leaving them in place. Then for the holes they would like filled, just go ahead and pull those nails leaving an open hole.

In addition to dings and dents, there are sometimes bigger issues with the drywall. In some parts of our area of Virginia there are excessive amounts of “settling” that occur with the foundation of the house. This causes movement that leads to cracks around windows, doorways and drywall corners.

Sometimes this type of damage will require a joint tape repair that must be coated a few times with joint compound followed by sanding and priming before the surface is ready to be painted. In other cases walls may have chipping or peeling paint due to moisture or some other type of paint bonding issue that needs to be addressed before the painting can begin. I cases like these, aggressive measures like skim coating the entire wall with drywall joint compound or even priming with an oil based primer may be necessary. Oil base primers and the like are a last resort due to the unpleasant odor that results from using them.

Once walls have been repaired and primed, the trim is caulked to make sure that no dark lines are showing and that there is a neat and clean transition from trim surface to wall surface. The final touch is a light sanding to make sure the walls are free from any clinging debris and then dusted off.

We apply two coats of the highest quality award winning Sherwin Williams paint which are normally rolled and brushed, leaving fresh crisp lines and a nice even coat. Final touchups will be done as needed before we wrap up the project.

Work With Our Dedicated Team

Customer satisfaction and top-quality services are our primary focus at Scott Ellis Painting, which is why our team goes above and beyond to achieve clear project deliverables in line with your vision and ongoing communication every step of the way.

1 – Set Up Appointment

The first step in starting any project is to contact us for a free estimate and schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives to review your project needs and goals.

2 – Review Tailored Project Presentation

Next our team will present to you a personally-tailored project presentation detailing our planned work for you to provide feedback and approval before we get started.

3 – On-Site Painters & Project Manager

We go above and beyond just having skilled painters on the job and have a lead project manager visit the site to ensure client happiness and project timeliness.

4 – Final Project Walkthrough

Once our team has completed our work, the project manager will take you on a final walkthrough so you can review the completed work before final payment.

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