Wall Paper Removal

Wall paper removal is often essential before starting on an interior painting project to renovate rooms in your home.

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What To Do With Wall Paper

If you have a wallpapered room that is a bit dated and your not sure how to change it, you only have one choice:

Taking down wallpaper is one of those tasks that is hard to predict how it will go. Sometimes it can come down easily and other times it is very hard. When wallpaper is hung correctly, a primer is used to seal the drywall and create better surface to glue to. Since drywall is made with a coating of paper, wallpaper glue tends to soak in and become very difficult to separate from it. Primer also makes the wallpaper easier to take down without tearing the paper from the drywall. The problem is that it seems to be very rare to find wallpaper that was put up properly. That being the case, you will need to be prepared for the drywall damage that is often a part of taking down wallpaper. The following is a process that can be most useful for most common wallpaper take down scenarios.

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Ways to Remove Wall Paper

Determine how the wallpaper will best will come down. Not all wallpaper comes down using the same method. Testing several methods to figure out the quickest and most effective way to loosen the glue is a good idea.

Hot Water

Sometimes hot water will loosen the glue enough to pull the paper. Simple but sometimes effective.

Wall Paper Remover

There are several brands. We normally use Dif. Use as directed.


Normally, this is my favorite method but if the wallpaper is hung on top of a latex paint, the steamer may cause the paint behind the wallpaper to get gummy and gooey. When this happens, the wall damage will need to be fixed.

Once the wallpaper is down, the walls will need to be repaired to create a smooth surface that can be properly painted.

What Happens Next

If needed, our team will removal your wallpaper using one of the three methods detailed above, whatever we determine is best for the project.

Skim coat the damaged areas (sometimes this is the whole wall.) Use a very thin coat to minimize sanding. This is an area where hiring a professional may make the difference between a pro looking job and a novice one.

Once the wallpaper is removed and the surfaces have been properly repaired, it’s time to prime your walls to ensure the top coats of paint will better adhere to the surfaces and have a quality, consistent color.

We apply two coats of the highest quality award winning Sherwin Williams paint which are normally rolled and brushed, leaving fresh crisp lines and a nice even coat. Final touchups will be done as needed before we wrap up the project.

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3 – On-Site Painters & Project Manager

We go above and beyond just having skilled painters on the job and have a lead project manager visit the site to ensure client happiness and project timeliness.

4 – Final Project Walkthrough

Once our team has completed our work, the project manager will take you on a final walkthrough so you can review the completed work before final payment.

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